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Iron Deficiency and Exercise Performance

Have you been feeling tired, rundown, plateauing with your training, pressing snooze too often or missing keys sessions due to illness? It could be that you’re lacking in iron Elite and...

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Training for your first triathlon

Triathlons have become very popular over the last few years, resulting in more events, training clubs and squads popping up around the country.  Have you been thinking about entering a triathlon...

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Say “hi!” to high intensity training!

Mike Campbell explains why men (and women!) who want a healthier and leaner physique, should be saying “hi!” to high intensity training. High intensity interval training (also called...

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Michelle Bridge’s Flat Stomach Formula

It would probably be fair to say that if there was one body part that men and women lusted over equally it would have to be abdominals, preferably abdominals unconcealed by a layer of subcutaneous...

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